Below you’ll find a glossary of terms commonly used within the stored value industry. Some are financial terms, while others relate to card printing and production.


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Monochrome - A single color printing process.


MyAccount - A web service offered by TenderCard for merchants that includes thorough transaction reporting and a virtual terminal.


POP (Point Of Purchase) - Marketing term for advertising pieces used within the POS area. See the display items section of this website.


POS (Point Of Sale) - Term used to describe where a transaction takes place.


Pre-Designed Cards - Monochrome cards that are printed using inks, images and fonts selected by the merchant from a pre-set table of options. See the 1color pre-designed section of this website for more information.


Redeem - (Transaction) Taking value off of a card for goods or services sold.


Reseller - See ISO.


Sale - (Transaction) See redeem.


Semi-closed Loop - Describes the relationship between a group of merchants and TenderCard wherein a chain, association, mall, etc. can be setup for funds to be transferred between participating merchants. This allows merchants to accept the same cards between multiple locations. Like closed loop transactions, these take place directly between a merchant and TenderCard without any third party processor.


Spot Color - A term used to describe a single, specific color which is not achieved by blending base colors (see YMCK). The industry standard for spot colors is the Pantone® color match system. See the card/artwork specs section of this website.


Stand Alone - When TenderCard is the only program installed in a terminal, meaning the terminal will only be used to process TenderCard transactions.


Starter Kit - A package assembled by TenderCard to boost exposure and sales of gift/loyalty cards at the point of sale. This includes gift card sleeves, a point of purchase display stand, window decals, a program quick reference guide and a product catalog. See the starter kit section of this website.


Tracking Report - A file sent every day by TenderCard to their resellers detailing all the current statuses of TenderCard accounts and orders in process for that reseller.


YMCK - A printing process which utilizes the mixing of the colors Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black in different amounts to achieve the full color spectrum. This is also known as “four color process”.


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