Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions.  We have divided them into two groups:  Merchant questions and Cardholder questions.  There are also links at the bottom of each page that will take you to the faq’s for each of our programs.

merchant faq's

merchant faq's • cardholder faq's

Why should I switch from paper certificates to plastic cards?

Electronic gift cards have become the medium of choice for retailers across the country. Reasons for this shift include: No cash back; value remaining after partial redemption stays on the card and in your register. Cards can be reloaded and reissued again and again.  Plastic cards are harder to counterfeit than paper certificates.


Is theft a problem if cards are displayed at the point of sale?

No, TenderCard produces cards without value on them.  Merchants assign the card’s value at the point of sale when the card is purchased.  


What if a customer loses their gift card?

Cards do not have to be replaced by the merchant.  However, if the cardholder has receipts and the merchant wishes to, a new card may be issued with the remaining balance from the lost card.  Make sure to void the lost card after the balance is transferred.


How will my employees know how to use the program?

Every starter kit includes a terminal specific Quick Reference Guide that walks a user through every transaction type in easy to follow steps.


How may I submit my artwork/ logo?

Artwork can be mailed to TenderCard or emailed to artwork@tendercard.net (artwork mailed to our offices will not be returned).  For artwork requirements and helpful tips, click here.


Does TenderCard create a proof?

Yes, all initial orders are proofed via an emailed pdf file.  In the case of reorders, a proof will only be sent if there are changes to the original design.  Cards will NOT be printed without a signed proof.


Who’s responsible for proof corrections?

Since the merchant knows best what they want their cards to look like, proof approval is ultimately their responsibility.  Any corrections or revisions must be clearly noted on the proof form and returned to TenderCard.  Merchants are ACH’d directly by TenderCard for any fees that arise due to artwork changes.


How does the gift card program work?

A customer enters the merchant’s business and requests to purchase a gift card. The merchant collects the funds and takes a card from inventory; activating it for the dollar amount desired by swiping the card through the POS. The card is now active and ready to be redeemed at any participating store location(s).


Will the programs work with my existing equipment?

TenderCard is certified on most major terminals in the market today.  All of our programs can also be run via our online Virtual Terminal at no extra charge.  This setup requires only a computer with an internet connection.


How soon can the card be used after value has been added to it?

All transactions are processed instantaneously making funds available immediately.


How do I pay for monthly fees?

Merchant accounts are debited on the 1st business day of each month, for the previous month’s activity.  Statements are available on the 1st of the month on the merchant's Online Accounting Center. If you have questions regarding your statement, contact TenderCard Merchant Services at 800-383-8280.


How do I change account information, such as DBA name, physical location, mailing address, or bank account?

Call Merchant Services at 800-383-8280 or fax a signed letter stating your desired changes to (508) 495-0088.


What kind of support does TenderCard provide?

TenderCard offers support on many levels to our merchants:
            Merchant Services answers any questions merchants may have about their statements, billing inquiries, bank changes and ownership/location changes.
            Gift Card Help Desk is a traditional 24/7 tech support hotline for merchants experiencing a technical issue with their pos terminal.  Our staff is trained in the functions and features of all of today’s major pos terminals.
            Artwork Helpdesk assists merchants that are in the process of submitting custom artwork for their cards.  These trained graphic designers field questions about both the technical and subjective quality of the artwork; offering their assistance on both fronts.


merchant faq's • cardholder faq's


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