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Here’s all the information needed to put together a custom card order.  Following these guidelines will speed up the process, reduce costs and allow us to better meet a merchant’s expectations.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call 877-364-1813.

card & artwork specifications

Card Dimensions

Gift Cards are 3 3/8" (3.375) wide and 2 1/8" (2.125) tall.


Accepted Media

CDs & Zip disks (100 & 250 MB)

Files 3MB or smaller can be emailed to



There are basically two types of artwork:  “Camera-Ready” and “Digital Files.”


Camera-Ready artwork is wrinkle and blemish free and can be digitally scanned with no touch-up.  Camera-ready artwork must be on smooth photograph paper.  Here are a few tips:

  • Polaroid® pictures, business cards and/or other printed materials are not considered camera ready.
  • Images on textured paper can’t be used because the texture becomes part of the image when we scan it.
  • The artwork to be scanned must be larger than the final card size.
  • Don’t use tape, staples or paperclips to attach artwork to your order; these ruin the image.  Put the artwork in an envelope.

Digital Files are generated on a computer. A graphic designer’s assistance is recommended when creating digital artwork.  Here are a few tips:

  • All files must be formatted for a PC (no Macintosh® files).
  • Digital files need a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (DPI).
  • Images from the internet can’t be used; they are all 72 DPI and become grainy when applied to a gift card.
  • We accept files from all Adobe® programs (preferred) as well as jpeg, tiff and bitmap image files.
  • Include all fonts used in the design or convert all type to “outlines” before submitting the file(s).
  • Include separate copies of all support files, such as background photos.
  • We guarantee an exact color match only if the artwork is in layers and we’re given a Pantone color code to match.
  • Descriptions like “blueish-purple” are difficult to match and usually require several proofs to get right.
  • 1color custom artwork must already be converted to one color (black and white with no gray scale).


  • Full-bleed designs (when the design goes up to the card's edge) must extend 1/8" beyond that edge.
  • All text must be at least 1/8” in from the nearest edge(s) of the card.



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