TenderCard started as a value-added product for Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) in 1997.  Over the years, TenderCard has grown into a leader in the stored value industry, with over 1,000 ISO partnerships and tens of thousands of active merchants processing transactions for millions of cards.



We call ourselves the best in the business; but what makes TenderCard so different?


Years of Experience

Started in 1997, we helped to create the gift card industry.  Our products and programs are time-tested and proven to work.


Strong customer relationships

Every company talks about customer service, TenderCard delivers it.  Our staff is here with solutions for you and your clients.


Geared Toward Small to Medium-Sized Merchants

TenderCard brings Madison Avenue to Main Street.  All of our merchants receive the same level of service and overall quality in their gift card program as that of the major national retailers.


Program Flexibility

One of our greatest strengths is the depth and breadth of our programs.  TenderCard offers something for every merchant’s needs.

         Monthly Plus Plan  
  Unlimited Plan
  365 Plan
  Chamber/Association Program
  Intra-Program Settlement
  Private Label
  Integrated Processor Program (IPP)


Many Card Options

The start to any effective gift or loyalty program is a top-quality card. We have a wide range of cards to choose from and a design team to assist in the design of your merchants’ cards.

         1color pre-designed
  4color pre-designed
  1color custom
  4color custom
  Platinum Starter Cards


Lower Card Minimums

Smaller merchants don’t require as many cards as national chains.  To that end, we accept pre-designed orders for quantities as low as 100 cards and custom card orders for as low as 250 cards.


Short Delivery Time on Card Orders

The first question every merchant asks after placing their order is “When will I get my cards?”  Our delivery time from proof approval for pre-designed cards is 3-5 business days.  For custom cards, 12-15 business days, on most orders.


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