TenderCard started as a value-added product for Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) in 1997. Over the years, TenderCard has grown into a leader in the stored value industry, with over 1,000 ISO partnerships and tens of thousands of active merchants processing transactions for millions of cards.

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TenderCard’s mission is three fold:  Our primary goal is to provide the necessary tools for our ISOs to retain their merchant base while strengthening their product portfolios.  In so doing, we hope to bring a measure of stability to the volatile MSP industry.

Secondly, TenderCard brings Madison Avenue to Main Street.  Every TenderCard merchant can expect the same level of service and overall quality in their gift card program as that of the major national retailers.  To that end, we provide our merchants the competitive edge within their communities, leveling the playing field with large chain stores. They do this with pride in the knowledge that they are offering their customers a quality product.

Finally, TenderCard recognizes that the future of the gift and loyalty industry is driven by the consumer and strives to give them the products and services they want.  By now, the growing demand for gift cards is well documented.  TenderCard is positioned to fill that need with a high-end stored value product that offers the features today’s consumers demand.

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