Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. We have divided them into separate groups to make it easier to access the information for yourself and your clients. There are also links at the bottom of each page that will take you to the faq’s for each of our programs.

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How do I submit paperwork?

All forms can be faxed to TenderCard at (508) 495-0088. You can also mail forms to our corporate headquarters or email them to applications@tendercard.net.


Is payment necessary at the time of application submittal?

Yes, a reseller payment plan is required as part of the merchant application approval process. This plan is established when a reseller signs on with TenderCard.


Are all items on the merchant application required?

Yes, please complete all fields on the application to ensure a speedy delivery of proofs and cards to your merchant. Missing or unclear information will result in a pended status, halting the forward progress of that order.


Does TenderCard create a card proof?

Yes, all initial orders are proofed via an emailed pdf file. In the case of reorders, a proof will only be sent if there are changes to the original design. Cards will NOT be printed without a signed proof.


Who’s responsible for proof corrections?

Since the merchant knows best what they want their cards to look like, proof approval is ultimately the merchant’s responsibility. Any corrections or revisions must be clearly noted on the proof form and returned to TenderCard. Merchants are ACH’d directly by TenderCard for any fees that arise due to proof revisions.


Should I schedule merchant training?

TenderCard encourages resellers to train each merchant on the gift card program. Additionally, each merchant receives a Quick Reference Guide detailing the functionality of their specific terminal.


What kind of support does TenderCard provide?

TenderCard offers support on many levels to our clients:
        Reseller Sales Support works with resellers to provide all the necessary training, materials, updates and supplies needed to promote our suite of products.

        Artwork Helpdesk assists merchants that are in the process of submitting custom artwork for their cards. These trained graphic designers field questions about both the technical and subjective quality of the artwork; offering their assistance on both fronts.
        Merchant Services answers any questions merchants may have about their statements, billing inquiries, bank changes and ownership/location changes.
        Gift Card Help Desk is a traditional 24/7 tech support hotline for merchants experiencing a technical issue with their pos terminal. Our staff is trained in the functions and features of all of today’s major pos terminals.


What’s the difference between closed/semi-closed loop and open loop?

With closed loop and semi-closed loop cards, the POS terminal dials directly to TenderCard’s secured servers without passing through any third parties. This means our cards can only be used at specific locations setup by the merchant to accept gift cards. Open loop products utilize the infrastructure and network of a large issuer such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express to service their merchants. Such cards can be used at any location that processes transactions with that issuer.


reseller faq'smerchant faq'scardholder faq's



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