Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. We have divided them into separate groups to make it easier to access the information for yourself and your clients. There are also links at the bottom of each page that will take you to the faq’s for each of our programs.

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What are Gift & Loyalty Cards?

Gift cards and loyalty cards function the same way; the only difference is that a gift card is loaded and redeemed with a cash value while a loyalty card is loaded and redeemed with loyalty “points”.  The cards are plastic and are electronically loaded and redeemed with a stored value at the point of sale. A gift card [also known as a “stored-value card”] is best described as a pre-paid debit card.  Gift cards replace paper gift certificates, in-store merchandise credits, coupons, and cash substitutes.


How does the gift card program work?

A customer enters the merchant’s business and requests to purchase a gift card. The merchant collects the funds and takes a card from inventory; activating it for the dollar amount desired by swiping the card through the POS. The card is now active and ready to be redeemed at any participating store location(s).


If I lose my card, can it be replaced?

Card replacement is at the sole discretion of the merchant.   


How do I check the balance of my TenderCard™?

You can check your balance on the cardholder homepage of this site under the “Check Card Balance” link.


Can I view my card activity?

Yes, you can view your card activity on the cardholder homepage of this site under the "View Transactions" link.


Can I add value to my card after the initial purchase?

Yes, your TenderCard can be loaded with any dollar value at any time as many times as you’d like.  It doesn’t matter what the current value is of your card. To add value to the card, return to the merchant named on the front of the card and they can perform the necessary transaction.


reseller faq'smerchant faq's • cardholder faq's

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