Below you’ll find a glossary of terms commonly used within the stored value industry.  Some are financial terms, while others relate to card printing and production.


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ACH (Automated Clearing House) - The means by which a TenderCard merchant pays for their transactions and hosting fees. The funds are debited directly from the merchant's bank account (DDA).


Acrylic Stand - Clear plastic stand that holds a point of purchase display insert and cards. Comes with the starter kit.  See the display items section of this website for more information.


Balance Inquiry - (Transaction) The method by which the available funds on a card may be checked.


Breakage - The amount of money left on a card that is never used by the cardholder.


Business Legal Name - The name under which a merchant or other entity officially does business.  See DBA.


Card Sleeve - A paper sleeve that houses a gift card for the purpose of gift giving with spaces for the card purchaser to write information such as: to, from and how much the card is worth.  See the display items section of this website for more information.


Card Stock - Blank cards of different base colors.  See the 1color pre-designed section of this website for more information.


Closed Loop - Describes the relationship between a merchant and TenderCard wherein the merchant’s terminal dials directly to TenderCard without passing through any third party.  This means cards can only be used at a single merchant location.  See semi-closed loop.


Credit - (Transaction) adding funds to an existing TenderCard account.


Custom Card - A card displaying artwork and/or logos that are specific to the merchant.  See the 1color custom and 4color custom sections of this website for more information.


DBA (Doing Business As) - The name by which a business is known to the public.  Sometimes, but not necessarily, different from the business legal name.


DDA - Direct Deposit Account. The merchant's bank/checking account.


DPI (Dots Per Inch) - This is the digital resolution of an electronic image.  See the card/artwork specs section of this website for more information.


Download - A program built by TenderCard that meets the merchant's specifications according to the application.


Escheatment - The process of turning over unclaimed or abandoned funds from a stored value card to the merchant.


Force - (Transaction) When a transaction cannot be processed electronically this function allows a receipt to be printed reflecting a transaction for the cardholder. As this transaction never reaches TenderCard’s server, it must be reentered once connectivity has been restored.


IMATTS™ (Internet Merchant Automated TenderCard Transaction Servers) - The secure host for TenderCard that captures, processes and stores all transaction data.


Integrated - A TenderCard program built into the same terminal that is operating a credit card program.


ISO (Independent Sales Organization) - The outside sales force that drives all of TenderCard’s business.


Issue - (Transaction) The first time value is placed onto a card (card activation).


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